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Guided Fishing for the Digital Age


Are You Tired Of:

Getting asked where to go and what to throw, but not getting paid?
Only making money when you are on the water fishing?
Not getting compensated fairly by sponsors for the real value of your brand and content?



Become A Digital Guide To:


 Earn passive income, make money while you sleep
 Take control of your financial future
Build a community and connect further with your clients
Get paid for your knowledge, not just your time


Josh Teply
Harrah, Oklahoma
I still get paid on my off days
Brooks Anderson
Marietta, Georgia
I get new customers for my guide business
Andrew Nordbye
Guntersville, Alabama
Now I earn income when people hit me up for info
Jason Whitehead
Huntsville, Alabama
FishTips pays for all my gas

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How to Use FishTips to Grow Your Business


The Math of a Fishing Guide Business