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Top Strategies For Selling Success on FishTips

Want to earn more on FishTips?  Whether you're an experienced Digital Guide or just getting started, these tried and true tips will help you maximize your earnings and connect with more customers:


Complete Your Profile, and Make It Look Great

Even if you have a large online following, many anglers looking to purchase tips may not know who you are. You need to be sure your profile outlines your experience, accolades, and instills confidence in why the information you are sharing is valuable. Be sure to include links to tournament results, social media accounts, and other digital assets that highlight who you are, and why you’re qualified to be a Digital Guide. Finally, make sure to complete your entire profile including adding all of your home bodies of water- this will enable you to stay up to date with new tip requests from anglers ready to make a purchase on the places that you fish!


Harness the Power of Social Media

We’ve seen it over and over again: Digital Guides who leverage their social media channels see more success on FishTips. People who already know you are significantly more likely to buy from you. Make sure to share not just what's in the tip, but also why you believe it will benefit your fellow anglers. By spreading the word through your social networks, you'll attract more potential buyers and create a buzz around your offerings.

It’s really easy to share after you create each tip. If you need more ideas check out this article.


Write A Great Description Section:

Deliver a quick sizzle!  Its super important to let potential customers know what's in the tip without giving anything away.   A short, but powerful and confident description and preview video is key!

Here are a couple examples of awesome formats for tip descriptions:

-Lake X can be tough this time of year!  But these patterns, techniques, baits, and key areas will 100% help you find and catch big fish.

-This lake is clear, vast, deep, and very intimidating.  It has incredibly huge fish but they can be touch to locate.  This tip includes my 5 best baits for this month and 10 most productive areas for a chance at a fish of a lifetime.

-3 patterns, 6 areas with potential to expand patterns, and 5 baits to knock their lights out and catch big ones.   Red pins/ coordinates for first pattern, blue pins for second pattern, and green pins for third pattern.  

-This lake gets tons of fishing pressure this time of year, so here is a tip with the key areas, baits, and patterns that are exactly how I'd guide you if you booked a trip with me!  My tip will give you confidence in the areas and baits that you need to be fishing to separate yourself from all the other anglers on the water for highly productive fishing days.   

-Want to target the biggest fish in the river?  Here are three strategies, seven baits, and six productive flats for targeting true giants this summer.  


Upload 60 Second Or Less Preview Video:

NEW to FishTips!  Our fantastic development team created a preview video at the request of several Digital Guides on FishTips!  This is a great way for potential customers to hear your excitement and confidence, plus see any "show and tell" items for further salesmenship!  I.E. if you catch a giant redfish, film a 60 second or less video too  (Feel free to schedule a time to connect with them to share your feedback and suggestions here)


Keep The Supply Flowing - The More You Post, The More You Make:

Don't be disheartened if you’re not an immediate success. Persistence pays off. Take inspiration from Jordan Sypeck, who posted a whopping nine tips before making his first sale. He sold twelve copies of his tenth tip!

We've seen tips that are months old or even a year old still finding eager buyers as the bite or pattern becomes relevant again.  Our data strongly supports that those who post the most, sell the most tips. By consistently building a supply of valuable insights and tips, you're building a treasure trove for anglers to browse and purchase. Buyers will naturally gravitate towards your offerings over time as you continue to build your presence on the platform.  


Even “Bad Days” Can Yield Useful Information

You learn a lot each time you hit the water. Even if your day didn't meet your expectations, remember that catching a fish means you've discovered something valuable for someone. It's a golden opportunity to post a tip! And even if you didn't reel in a fish but had some promising bites, don't hesitate – post a tip about that too!


You Are Building A Content Library For Passive Income:

20% of sales are from tips that are over 30 days old and 10% of tip sales are over a year old.  This means that there is shelf value for tips and you will earn more each year as your customer base and content library grow.  So keep posting as many tips as you can each month! 


A Couple More Suggestions and Facts:

-Tips with limited purchasing amounts/ supply limits are ok to protect certain locations.  However, its a good idea each month to post a couple of $75-$150 tips for great numbers areas and generalized strategies such as "how to find and target productive flats along the main river channel."

-35% percent of buyers repurchase, so give them the best experience possible and they'll keep coming back to your tips in the future!

-Most tip sales are Tuesday through Friday when anglers are planning trips for the weekends

-Average sales price $126


Let’s Sum it Up

Digital Guiding on FishTips is not just about making money; it's about contributing to a vibrant community of anglers. By promoting your offerings on social media, maintaining a consistent supply of tips, and sharing your insights, you'll not only find success but also help your fellow anglers have more enjoyable and rewarding fishing experiences. Tight lines!