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The Social Media Playbook From Top Digital Guides

Want to earn more on FishTips?  Whether you're an experienced Digital Guide or just getting started, these tried and true social media tips will help you maximize your earnings and connect with more customers:


Stay Consistent

We’ve seen it over and over again: Digital Guides who leverage their social media channels and post a new tip each week see more success on FishTips. People who already know you are significantly more likely to buy from you.   By spreading the word through your social networks, you'll attract more potential buyers and create a buzz around your offerings.


Brooks Anderson Example:

Lake Lanier fishing guide and local tournament angler Brooks Anderson sold over $2,000 in tips during his first month on the platform using the power of social media to promote the three tips he posted as a new digital guide!   

Here is a good template for success using Brooks' playbook:

  • Be consistent and post 3-4 new tips each month on FishTips
  • Showcase a few good photos or catch videos on your social media channels after posting each tip.   Posting your preview video from your FishTips tip as a reel and story on Instagram is one of the quickest and most effective ways to promote your tip.  You can also add a link to Instagram stories to link customers directly to your tip.
  • No need to do lots of talking and hard selling, just showcase the big fish content and let people know where to find more information on the patterns, baits, conditions, areas, and strategies that are working for you right now on your guided trips, tournaments, or big fish fishing trips.  
  • Naturally mention FishTips in your videos and social media posts by simply recommending people search for your tips on FishTips if they would like to see more information on how you are catching fish.  Below is a great example from Brooks' YouTube:


Screenshot 2024-04-15 135812


Tip Preview Video:

NEW to FishTips!  Our fantastic development team created a preview video at the request of several Digital Guides on FishTips. This is a great way for potential customers to hear your excitement and confidence, plus see any show and tell items for further salesmanship.  I.E. if you catch a giant redfish, film a 60 second or less video to briefly point people in the direction of your tip of FishTips for a breakdown of how to catch big reds like that one.  Even just cool action videos or live release videos without talking do a great job of showcasing value to the customer.  Remember, they cannot see what is in the tip until they purchase it, so anything you can do to give them confidence with a sneak peak of what's inside helps tremendously!