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Tip Creation Strategies

Not sure what to post on FishTips? 

There are several styles of tips that we have seen from our digital guides.  Below are some examples to help get you started or give you inspiration for your next tip.  For those just starting one, try one of each style every month about your home lake, river, or body of water that you know the best.  Its a great template for success and will only take you around 2 hours total each month between writing and posting on social media.  For those ready to take it up a notch to grow a pipeline that earns thousands of dollars each month, try posting these styles with each body of water that you fish!   


Short Term/ Quick Update Tips (average price point $100-150):

  • Example A:
    • Title: Lake Erie Update (How I Guided My Clients This Week)
    • Description: I am recapping my week on the water with clients.  We caught 20+ walleyes each day this week with a couple photo worthy fish each day.  My tip includes a super detailed fishing report with the conditions, 3 patterns, 10 baits, 6 techniques, and 4 areas that were productive for us.  
    • Main Info Section Advice:   Its important to offer some tips at a lower price point around $100 and a quick update to what’s happening on the water is a great way to do so.  You don’t have to share everything you are doing, but you do need to be specific and offer great value anywhere you can.  If the tip is super simple such as “throw a white soft plastic jerkbait on main lake points”, give location examples of areas they can try, talk about the equipment setups you recommend, dive into bait details (color, size, brand, weight, length, scent, ect).  Also, make sure to tell them this is a simple tip and you need to set expectations too in the description section.    


  • Example B:
    • Title:  The Fishing is TOUGH this week  How to get consistent bites.
    • Description: The dog days of summer are here and it is creating limited bite windows.  My tip includes patterns for when the fish and active and what to do when the bite slows down throughout the day.   You can do this too, just drink lots of water, wear a big hat, think positive thoughts, and follow these steps of checking these areas of the river, lures, patterns, and specific types of cover (grass, wood, and rocks) to locate and dial in the bite for great fishing days despite the inclement weather!



Long term/ Seasonal Pattern Tips (average price point $200-$250):

  • Example C:
    • Title: The most comprehensive Lake Oconee breakdown for BIG BASS in MARCH!
    • Description:  March is the month to catch the biggest bass on Oconee in addition to plenty of healthy numbers.  2024 is going to be a little different because of the amount of rain we have received.  This tip is derived from 20+ years of experience, knowing where these fish are headed to eventually spawn, where they are coming from, and the path they are taking to get from point A to B.  This tip will also include the best techniques and lures to get them to bite. It will also include eight proven locations to use as indicators and how to choose the area you want to fish.  This tip includes all the information that I use myself locate and figure out the fish. I’ve won several tournaments and caught hundreds of big fish with these strategies during March.  Its a fun time of year and I’m excited for you to apply this info on your own and have fun too. 
    • Main Info Section Advice:  include lots of specifics, notes about productive general areas, waypoints (you can organize them by color), and instructional information.  Don’t just say “fish channel bends”, but also consider showing the customers an example with a marked up screenshot map as an example of the channel bend.  Focus on providing information that both true beginners and seasoned fishermen can understand.  


  • Example D:
    • Title: How I would guide you right now on Toledo Bend for post spawn big bass in April through May
    • Description:  This tip is exactly how I would guide you if I was taking you fishing on a guided trip at Toledo Bend during April and May.  This is my detailed approach to locating giant bass and big schools of quality fish.  I break down my top patterns, baits, strategies, and areas to get you headed in the right direction for an amazing trip. 

Instructional Tips (Great if you haven’t been on the water):

  • Example E:
  • Title:  How To Throw Glidebaits and Big Swimbaits To Catch Your Personal Best Bass This Fall
  • Description:  This is a detailed how-to guide for how you can have a blast throwing glides and big swimbaits in North Carolina this fall. I am going to teach you what lakes to go to, when to go, what conditions you need, the baits to throw, retrieves, equipment suggestions, and include a dozen areas to get you started so that you can run this game plan yourself and find more places to catch giants.  
  • Main Info Section Advice:  Share the same information, research, and process you would use to approach your next day on the water.  Teach them what to look for, what areas to look at for indicators on what to do next, baits that are a great starting point, and other considerations for them to think about (wind, current, water clarity, bait presence, specific types of cover to target, etc).  


  • Example F:
    • Title:  How to locate and execute on the topwater bite for big redfish and seatrout
    • Description: My tip breaks down all the considerations and information you need to have a super fun time catching big trout and reds on topwater right from May through September.  I include all the details you need on lures, conditions to look for, technique, and specific areas to check out so that you can understand this pattern and know how to find it in more areas to catch even more fish!