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What Does a Good Tip Look Like?

It doesn't matter if the tip is showing up on a smartphone or a laptop, there's a simple recipe for making a good tip:

-Tips should be educational with thoughtful instruction and specific details.  If its not, customers are not likely to purchase again from you.   There are a lot of beginner anglers, so write as if you are talking to both beginners and expert anglers. 

-Building repeat customers on FishTips is super important.  Try sending each purchaser a quick message after the sale to let them know if you can answer any questions.  If someone purchases an old tip out of season or relevance, reach out to them to give them the most recent information or ask them what they need!  

-Give a minimum of 2+ patterns for options

-In each option a minimum of 2+ lures (list colors, sizes, weights, etc)

-For each bait, list condition considerations: i.e. the white war eagle 1/2oz spinnerbait with white willowleaf blades has been on fire for the cloudy days, bur for sunny days (as long as you have wind) go with the more transparent TN shad color and nickel willowleaf blades on the same 1/2oz spinnerbait.  


Write A Great Description Section:

Deliver a quick sizzle!  Its important to let potential customers know what's in the tip without giving anything away.   A short, but powerful and confident description and preview video are key!

Here are a couple examples of awesome formats for tip descriptions:

-Lake X can be tough this time of year!  But these patterns, techniques, baits, and key areas will 100% help you find and catch big fish.

-This lake is clear, vast, deep, and very intimidating.  It has incredibly huge fish but they can be touch to locate.  This tip includes my 5 best baits for this month and 10 most productive areas for a chance at a fish of a lifetime.

-3 patterns, 6 areas with potential to expand patterns, and 5 baits to knock their lights out and catch big ones.   Red pins/ coordinates for first pattern, blue pins for second pattern, and green pins for third pattern.  

-This lake gets tons of fishing pressure this time of year, so here is a tip with the key areas, baits, and patterns that are exactly how I'd guide you if you booked a trip with me!  My tip will give you confidence in the areas and baits that you need to be fishing to separate yourself from all the other anglers on the water for highly productive fishing days.   

-Want to target the biggest fish in the river?  Here are three strategies, seven baits, and six productive flats for targeting true giants this summer. Locations:  Select different color pins to organize types of spots.  


Locations & Waypoints Section:

This is an educational platform, not a waypoints marketplace.  Showcasing location examples is a very important visual tool to help customers see exactly what you are describing in the main body of the tip breakdown.  For example, if you are telling anglers to target secondary points, not everyone knows what that means and it is helpful to mark a couple secondary points for an example of what the customer needs to look for and expand on.   You can also take photos of your graphs or take screenshots from a mapping app or website such as Navionics and upload the photos for great examples of what to target.  

Use different colors with the GPS pins and the notes in this section to organize your areas: i.e. "the green waypoints mark the underwater grass beds you need to locate and find more of in these areas" and "the red waypoints are examples of the rockpiles you need to look for along the main river channel"